Tyler & Megan


Hey hey!! We are Tyler, Megan and our son, Griffith. It’s hard to sum up our lives in just a few paragraphs, but we’ll do our best! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We are so excited to be adopting AGAIN and bringing another child into our family! We have a full life and after adopting our son in May 2022, everything got so much sweeter to say the least. Adoption has been a deep desire for us since before we were married and after seeing how God worked through the first adoption, we are so excited to continue to see our family grow. God has set this plan in motion since before time began and we can see that in our daily life. We are praying for you and cannot wait to meet you!

Married since 2018

Reside in Virginia

Tyler’s Occupation: Forester

Megan’s Occupation: Pediatric Occupational Therapist

About Us:

We first met in college when Megan was 18 and Tyler was 21. We immediately had a connection but each had some life to figure out before it was our time. We found our way back to each other and first started dating in 2015. For our first official date, we went skydiving. We literally hit the ground running and have made the most of every day since. We were married in April of 2018.

About Tyler from Megan:

I try not to be dramatic, but Tyler is actually as close to perfect as I could imagine. He is kind, gentle but strong, hilarious, smart, hard-working and driven, and offers the unconditional love of Jesus to all he interacts with. When we first started dating he told me “I would bend over backwards for you” and he has proven that every day since. He can fix anything from farm equipment to now he is building our home from the ground up. He takes care of all of our finances (thank goodness because I can’t do simple math). He is highly respected in his job and in our church. His little brother and sisters idolize him. I learn from him every day and he teaches in such a humble, live by example way, that it is so easy to follow him. We share so many interests and have so much fun together. He truly is my best friend above all. I trust him with my life, my future, the future of our family. He is the father every child deserves. He loves Griff more than anything and Griff loves his daddy like no other. I always knew he’d be the perfect dad but he goes above and beyond every day. Seeing him as a dad has only grown my love more than I could have imagined.

About Megan from Tyler:

I first saw Megan’s picture on the refrigerator at my best friend’s Mom’s house. It was TRULY love at first sight. After I met Megan for the first time, all of my preconceived thoughts were true. She was the nicest, funniest, most beautiful woman I had ever met. She loves me unconditionally, she greets everyone with a smile and a conversation, she LOVES to work with and interact with children. I truly feel God put her here on this Earth for me. Not only to have a family with, but to challenge me! Megan wants the the best for me and expects the best from me every day. She has taught me what it means to love another person. Megan is so loving, compassionate, and driven, there is no doubt in my mind she is exactly what every child needs in a mother. Megan is my best friend. I love to do anything and everything with her. From working on the farm, to grocery shopping, I want her by my side for it all. Seeing Megan transition into motherhood has been amazing. The way she smiles when she looks at our son, the way she naps with him on the couch, the way she interacts and teaches him. It is exactly the role God intended for her. I cannot wait to see her love amplify and increase with the addition of another child!

10 Fun Facts:

  1. After adopting our son in May 2022, our life expanded in unimaginable ways. The joy our son brings to our family and to the world is indescribable.
  2. Tyler is building our home on our family cattle farm. We will move in October 2023. Farming and being stewards of the land and animals is a huge passion we share.
  3. Tyler was voted “best all around” in high school. Megan believes that one holds up.
  4. Megan has worked with therapeutic horseback riding and hopes to incorporate that into her OT practice at the farm in the future.
  5. Time with our church family is one of the top priorities in our lives. Griff loves to be with people and his nursery friends.
  6. We love all sports, anything outdoors, and are active to say the least. We play football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, farm, garden, kayak, hike, swim, camp, climb, and love to powerlift together.
  7. Tyler is the cook in the house. He loves to grill, smoke meat, bake cookies, you name it.
  8. We have a passion for working with all ages of the youth groups at our church. We work together in the toddler class as well as elementary - high school youth.
  9. Tyler is the oldest of 4 siblings- two little sisters and one little brother. Megan is the youngest of 4 siblings- three older brothers. We have a desire for a big family and know Griff is going to be the best big brother.
  10. We are passionate about including our children in all we do. Family, building community, sharing the Love of God with all people is the purpose of this life.

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