Adoption counseling services are customized for each expectant mother or expectant father who is interested in learning more about the option of making a plan to place an infant with an adoptive family. There are a variety of options available regarding communication with an adoptive family to allow birth families and adoptive families to build lifelong relationships with one another, if it is their desire. Our infant adoption program is designed to allow the expectant parents to choose an approved adoptive family who would best fulfill the desires of the birth family.  You can view a representation of our waiting adoptive families in our online family profiles.   We offer free and confidential counseling to investigate parenting and adoption options which may include:

  • Assistance with making an adoption plan and following it through the legal process until finalization
  • Support to birth mothers or birth fathers through individual counseling, mentoring, or support groups
  • Financial assistance with medical expenses related to the pregnancy after placement, and
  • Guidance to help birth parents identify future goals and work toward achieving them

FLS has the ability to work with expectant mothers anywhere in Virginia who wish to receive adoption counseling during their pregnancy as long as they will also be delivering the baby in Virginia.

Family Life Services is proud to be a BraveLove Partner Agency.