FLS makes every effort to keep adoption fees reasonable for adoptive families.  We are financially supported by the Liberty Godparent Foundation and generous individual donors, which enables us to keep adoption fees at the lower end of the spectrum.  The fees paid by adoptive parents generally do not cover our actual expenses for an adoption, but are subsidized by our financial supporters.

$150              Application Fee
          Home Study Fee (Virginia families only)
$400              Home Study Updates
$250              Home Study Addendums
$250              Post Placement Supervisory Visits
$400              Preparation of Finalization or Re-Adoption Documents
$2,000           Parental Placement Home Study with Out-Of-State Birth Mother
$2,500           Parental Placement Home Study with Virginia Birth Mother (includes preparation of the home study document, gathering social/medical information from the birth parent(s), and birth parent counseling provided by our agency, in our office, if requested by either birth parent.)

*Mileage charges will apply for any home study or post-placement visits completed away from the FLS office at a rate of 50 cents/mile.

**Fees for required background checks, medical evaluations, DMV reports, etc. are the responsibility of the prospective adoptive parents.

***All fees are non-refundable and can be paid by personal check, cash, or credit card.


FLS Domestic Infant Adoption Program Fees

$19,500 Infant Adoption Placement Fee (includes up to $2,000 of medical expenses for the birth mother and up to $2,000 in legal and/or foster care expenses)

The only additional fees to those in our Domestic Infant Adoption Program are as follows:

1)    Application fee of $150
2)    Adoption Training Weekend fee of $275/couple
3)    Any medical, pregnancy-related expenses for the birth mother of the child exceeding
$2,000 (FLS will pay up to $2,000 of medical costs if no insurance is available)
4)    Any legal or foster care costs exceeding $2,000 (FLS will cover any amount under this)
5)    The completion of a home study and post-placement visits (paid to a licensed agency of
your choice), finalization documents prepared by FLS, and finalization documents
prepared by a VA attorney of your choice.

Information about adoption loans and available grants can be found at AbbaFund.org or Resources4Adoption.com

Pregnant and considering adoption? Text 434-509-3686 to reach a pregnancy counselor.