Karin, Birth Grandmother

“Thank you Family Life Services and your wonderful staff for everything you did, and continue to do, to walk through the adoption process with our daughter. The compassion and support you showed throughout her pregnancy, delivery, placement, and post adoption has been such a blessing! The Lord used FLS to bring two families together, who have one little girl’s best interest at heart.  Together, we have celebrated, shared tears of joy and loss, and have welcomed each other as extended family. I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord has planned in the future for this special little girl. May she grow up knowing how much she is loved by so many!” 

Chris and April, Adoptive Parents

“Our adoption story is not like many others! When asked by our friend’s daughter to adopt her baby, we began searching for an adoption agency to help us do our home study. We couldn’t be more grateful to Family Life Services for helping facilitate our adoption of our new baby girl Nyah! The team at FLS were so helpful in answering questions and walking us through the steps of our private adoption. This has been one of the greatest moments of our life. We are so grateful to Family Life Services for helping bring baby Nyah into our forever family!”

Jimmy & Patty, Adoptive Parents

It’s been a while but I think about all you and your group did to make a  dream come true.  When we started this journey, it was my prayer that all six of us could stand together at Tyler’s wedding as a family and sure enough God granted this desire.  It took Tyler 32 years to want to find his birth parents. I think fear stood in the way and now they are all about making memories going forward and we are so thrilled to have all these additional people in our extended family!  People have asked my husband and I “are you all okay with all of this” and our answer is a resounding YES!  This was so needed to help our son figure out the puzzle of his life and how exciting to have more people who love him and have loved him for years.  This is such a beautiful story and I honestly didn’t think it could be done after 32 years.  Thank you and your staff for ALL YOUR WORK not just for us but continually for the families  you minister to.

Matt and Becky, Adoptive Parents

“Prior to working with FLS we had a few hiccups in beginning our adoption journey and weren’t sure where to turn to for guidance and support. Family Life Services came alongside of us and provided that much needed guidance, support, and encouragement that we were seeking. They were with us through every step of the way and they still are as we navigate our mediated adoption. What a joy and a blessing it has been working with FLS! ”

FLS Birth Mother

“FLS has a wonderful team of people who are very experienced, caring and kind. I found peace through every step of the process as they guided me through, and I am so thankful for choosing them.”

Jay and Jennifer, Adoptive Parents

“When we started our adoption process, we are so eager to do whatever was needed and stayed busy with the paperwork, reading and preparing for hopes of a growing family.  Little did we know that our wait would be 2 years and 8 months.  When the days got quiet and the anxiety got high, I knew I could call our caseworker to be encouraged and be pointed to Christ and His timing.  Their professionalism never wavered but I always felt loved, prayed for and like I was talking to a friend who understood the ins and outs of the adoption process.

When our moment finally came that we had been chosen and our daughter was born, the staff rejoiced with us, shared in our experience and accommodated our requests.  Even after our journey, we still stay in touch with our caseworkers and consider them dear friends.  They continue to pray for us, guide us through relationships and continue to point us to Christ and His timing.  We could not be more thankful for our experience with FLS!”

FLS Birth Mother

“This ministry impacted me by giving me a chance to make the right decisions for my life. By placing Christopher with an adoptive family, I not only gave the adoptive family a chance to raise a son, but gave myself a chance to understand that if I had raised Christopher, he would not have had all the opportunities he has now. My relationship with the adoptive family has grown over the years and I have increasing respect for their role as parents. I now know how precious life is and am so happy that I gave Christopher life and a loving family.”

Andy and Amy, Adoptive Parents

“We had a lovely experience working with FLS. From the moment we connected with them, FLS has been on our side…not only working with us to make the adoption process go smoothly, but being a consistent resource for us as we learn how to navigate the waters of life after the “big day”. Our caseworker feels like a close friend that truly cares about our family and diligently seeks to provide the support needed, no matter what circumstances arise. FLS has made all the difference for us on this journey.”

Ben and Rachel, Adoptive Parents

“We love Family Life Services and don’t know where our adoption journey would have taken without their help. We recommend FLS every chance we get which surprisingly is more often than we thought. We appreciate all the support and advice given to us since we began our journey. We know as our daughter grows, she will have questions. We know that no matter what she asks, we have a place to get sound advice and guidance. Melody is our life and we are so grateful for FLS being a part of bringing her into our lives.”

Susan Campbell, Former Executive Director, Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center

“Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy are unaware that they have another option beyond parenting or abortion. FLS works hard to train pregnancy resource centers, like ours, in another life-giving choice for these pregnancies: ADOPTION. We are grateful we have an agency who we partner with regularly to help educate, promote, and navigate such difficult times in a person’s life. We trust and appreciate the faith-based council and like-mindedness we have grown to count on whenever we refer our clients to FLS. We appreciate the tireless efforts that go into helping promote the whole family.”