Domestic Adoption Program

Our infant adoption program is designed to allow expectant parents, who are making a voluntary adoption placement, to select an adoptive couple for their child. We place an average of five infants annually through this program and we do not prohibit families from also working with other agencies while they are a part of our program awaiting placement. FLS works with expectant parents in the Liberty Godparent Home who may choose adoption for their children and also with expectant parents from all over Virginia who may have no connection to the Liberty Godparent Home.

We strive to keep our adoption fees affordable for families and the ratio of waiting adoptive families at any given time reasonable in relation to the number of placements we complete. Since this program is small, it has been designed for Christian, heterosexual, married couples who have no more than two children (through birth or adoption). Applicants must be between age 22-47 and be married at least three years. If you are interested in learning more about this program, visit Domestic Adoption Process and FAQ. Prior to submitting a pre-application, please email us at to request a full list of Domestic Adoption Requirements so you can determine if you may be eligible for application to this program.

Pregnant and considering adoption? Text 434-509-3686 to reach a pregnancy counselor.