Home Study Services

FLS provides home study services and post-adoption supervision for singles or heterosexual, married couples in Virginia who are pursuing embryo adoption, domestic adoption through another placement agency, or a private adoption through an attorney. We estimate that a home study can be completed within 6-10 weeks from the first home study visit and our fees are affordable. A Virginia home study requires at least three face-to-face meetings with the prospective adoptive couple with a minimum of one of these meetings occurring in the family’s home and all members of the prospective adoptive family household being in attendance for one meeting. Mileage charges apply to meetings that occur in a location other than the FLS office. Fees for required background checks, medical evaluations, DMV reports, etc., are the responsibility of the prospective adoptive parents.

Families who are ready to initiate the home study process with FLS should complete the application, email or mail it in to our office, and a staff member will contact you to begin the home study process.