Aleks & Rachel



Thank you for taking the time to read about our family, who we are, and why we are adopting. Our hope, as you read, is that you’ll gain some sense of what defines us and hopefully take notice of our love for life itself. We are extremely excited to continue growing our family. Both of us grew up with siblings, some very close in age, who have made an impact on each of our lives, so we desire the same for our son Liam.

We want you to know how much respect we have for you for considering an adoption plan. The following list was prayerfully put together to ensure you know what we are committed to:

– Your child will always know of your love and will be loved and supported by us unconditionally.

– Your child will be supported and encouraged so they can build confidence toward their goals and dreams.

– Your child will be showered with love not only from us but from our family and friends.

– Your child will have fun memories doing the simple things in life with us, making memories through it all.

– Your child will be kept safe and healthy.

– Your child will have modeled to them good family values, respect, faith, responsibility, good work ethic,and honesty. We will teach them not to be afraid of failure and to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Best Regards

Aleks & Rachel

Married since 2011

Reside in Virginia

Aleks’s Occupation: Dentist practitioner and owner

Rachel’s Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom and music educator

About Us:

We first met in January of 2010 at a Cracker Barrel right after an evening service at our church. I was home visiting from college and Aleks was stationed at a military base nearby. I visited our home church again a few weeks after meeting and was impressed with Aleks’ kindness towards people. We began keeping in touch over Facebook and went fruit picking on our first date in June of 2010. Since 2011, we as a couple have been through some amazing highs and at times hard lows. We have traveled all over the world and at times some austere places for Aleks. We have been together and spent many months apart. Liam did not become a part of our family until after almost 8 years of marriage. Those years were foundational to who we are as mom and dad today. It allowed us to build trust, learn to communicate lovingly, foster mutual trust and respect, and fulfill our educational/professional goals. We also saw how alike we are in our love of Jesus, intimate relationships, parenthood, and making memories. We have always prayed about being parents and making the greatest impact on a child, modeling the healthy relationship we have with one another!

In March of 2019 an adoption contact introduced us to Liam’s birth parents. We met them in person shortly after getting to know each other a little better over a phone conversation. Our relationship blossomed from there and we all welcomed Liam into the world and our family in June of 2019. We are so blessed to have a continued relationship with both his birth mom and birth father and their respective families.

We are looking forward to adopting again and want to share love and experiences with the next child as we grow our family. Both of us have been molded and shaped by our siblings, older and younger, who to this day have a special place in our hearts. Our nieces and nephews are a tremendous joy and would only be possible because of siblings. We know Liam would make an awesome big brother.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We have a loving and open relationship with Liam’s birth family. We often connect with them over video and have visits yearly. They are a critical part of Liam’s biography, and we want to keep that a priority
  2. Rachel has over thirty nieces and nephews on her side of the family. Visiting all of them is hard to do so the focus is a few a year, they grow up quick.
  3. Aleks loves motorcycles and bicycles, two-wheels have been a passion of his since he was young. Aleks is not currently riding motorcycles but enjoys bicycles with Liam as a safer alternative.
  4. Liam began riding his bicycle without training wheels at the age of three. He has inspired other kids to move from training wheels and balance bikes to full fledge pedals.
  5. The whole family has a passion for music. Rachel plays four instruments including the piano and Liam has recently started learning the violin. Listening to, playing, and making music is part of our family like the green on grass.
  6. Aleks was born in the Ukraine and immigrated to the US in the late 80s. He has an identical twin brother who is also a dentist. Aleks is left-handed while his twin is right.
  7. Rachel is one of thirteen children. Aleks recalls that meals at her house were always an event, the noise level was high.
  8. We have lived in five States, the time in the US Army allowed us to travel much of the US. It also allowed us time overseas in Korea and Japan.
  9. We are foodies to the core, trying new foods is our passion and we seek out the newest restaurants in town. We all love cooking and sharing meals with family and friends. The kitchen is the most popular room in our home.
  10. We all love the outdoors. If the sun is out and it’s above freezing you’ll spot us in the front yard, local parks, events, or spontaneous outings with dear friends.

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