Josh & Sara



We are Josh and Sara and we wanted to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We hope you will have a simple glimpse into our lives and who we are. We want you to know that we are praying for you as you are in the midst of this process. We are not able to say that we understand what you are going through or what you must be feeling but we want you to know that we have love and respect for your bravery.

We have been given the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. Infertility is part of our story but it is not the full story. We knew we wanted to be parents but it was not God’s will to allow us to have biological children. It was after a few years of grief and then a time of contentment that the love for a little one began to grow. We pray for the little one that will join our family and the lives that he or she is connected to. 

There are so many unknowns in this journey but we pray that you feel the love of God and have peace in the one who is creator. We believe even in the hard things that God is working things for good. You are His creation and you carry a precious life that is loved by God. You have such an important role in the life of the little one you are carrying. We want to honor your role and what you decide. If we are given the honor of being part of your story we will forever be grateful and want to raise the little one in home that loves God, has fun, makes memories, and loves each other deeply. 


Josh & Sara

Married since 2016

Reside in Virginia

Josh’s Occupation: Admissions Evaluator for a University

Sara’s Occupation: Book and Toy Store Manager

About Us:

We met in 2015 when Sara came to the Church Josh attended. Let’s just say that we noticed each other right away. We began dating shortly after and six months after our first date was when Josh proposed in the nearby mountains. We married in the spring of 2016 and hoped to start a family a year after we married. But it was through many years of waiting that we knew the road to biological children was not in God’s plan. We did have to grieve and learn to be content together before we were led to growing our family through adoption. We both have family members that are adoptees and we both are honored to grow our family in that way.

Josh is an out-going and personable guy. Most people that meet him noticed that he is genuine and caring. He grew up in the same town in Virginia with his parents and sister. Sara grew up in six different states and has loved all the different friendships and cultures she has met along the way. Sara is sweet and nurturing. She comes from a large family that lives all over the states and enjoys visits with them whenever opportunity allows.

As a couple we enjoy the simple things in life. Movie nights, game nights, reading, or walks in our neighborhood. Cookouts in the backyard are a favorite in our family. Josh is always ready to fire up the grill and Sara is sure to have toys or games ready for our friends and family. We are excited to share a happy home with a little one and cannot wait to become parents.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. Josh's favorite meal is crab legs. Sara's Favorite meal is Thai green chicken curry.
  2. We love a good family game night. Mario Party is one of our favorites.
  3. Ice cream dates are our favorite. Our area has over ten local ice cream shops. Side note, Josh does not get brain freeze.
  4. Josh's favorite holiday is Fourth of July. It will include a cookout, the movie Jaws, and fireworks.
  5. Sara's favorites holiday is Thanksgiving. We recently had the honor of hosting it at our house.
  6. Josh loves the beach and Sara loves the mountains. We recently discovered a log cabin in the mountains that has become a family favorite.
  7. Kubo and Togo are our two dogs that are very curious about all the books, toys, stuffies, and clothing that is in nursery.
  8. One of our nightly routines is to read before bed. We look forward to reading to our little one each night.
  9. We are open to having an open adoption with the biological family.
  10. We have baby names we love that have special meanings but are happy to discuss names with the expectant parent(s) if so desired.

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