Dustin & Melissa



We know you are facing an overwhelming and difficult decision. We pray that you and your child are matched with the best adoptive family for you.  We understand this is not an easy road to travel and takes such courage. We admire your strength and love for your child. 

We adopted our daughter Joy in 2020.  We love being parents and are so grateful for Joy’s birthmother.  We keep in touch with her first mother on a monthly basis with updates, photos, and videos.  If you choose to entrust your child to us, we promise to provide a loving, stable and happy home for him or her.  We are open to ongoing communication and visits with you if that is something that you would desire.

-Dustin & Melissa

Married since 2006

Reside in Virginia

Dustin’s Occupation: Building Code Compliance Investigator

Melissa’s Occupation: Full-time stay-at-home mom, Part-time Library Assistant

About Us:

We met in college in 2002 and were instantly attracted to each other.  We shared a lot of the same values and goals in life.  We also had similar childhood backgrounds and fit well into each other’s families.  We dated until 2006 when we tied the knot. Our attraction for each other continues to grow and we love doing life together.  We talked about our desire to be parents before we even got engaged.  After many years of not getting pregnant we were diagnosed with infertility.  We have a daughter, Joy, who is 3  years old.  We were blessed in 2020 when Joy’s birth mom chose us to be her parents.  It has been a privilege and pleasure to be parents and to have an ongoing relationship with Joy’s birth mother.  We keep in touch regularly via email and zoom and are open to in person visits a well.  We are looking forward to growing our family once again through adoption.  We would love to have an open relationship with you through email, video calls and in person visits if you desire that as well.

About Dustin from Melissa:

Dustin is a loyal and loving husband and father.  I have always been attracted to his fun and outgoing personality.  He has never met a stranger.  He is thoughtful and kind.  He works hard at his job to provide for our family.  He enjoys being in the outdoors, hunting, and anything related to sports or cars.  He especially likes the Philadelphia Eagles football team and Phillies baseball team as he grew up in that area of PA.  He also likes baking for the holidays and trying new foods.


About Melissa from Dustin:

Melissa is an incredible wife and mother, who has an endless love for her family.  I could not ask for a better partner to go through life with.  She is kind and caring and always looking out for other’s needs.  She enjoys working part time at our local library in the Teen Services Department organizing programs and activities for teens.  She loves spending most of her time as a stay-at-home mom which is her ultimate dream job!  She also enjoys spending time outdoors in the flower gardens, fishing, or just enjoying sunshine while reading a good book.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. Both our lives have been touched by adoption. Dustin's grandfather was adopted. When Melissa was growing up her family provided foster care for infants. Both our families have been very supportive of us pursuing adoption and welcoming our daughter into the family.
  2. We would love to share in the naming of this precious new child, if that is something you'd be open to.
  3. We would love to have an ongoing relationship with you where we can share updates & pictures with each other, meet on zoom and/or in person.
  4. We will strive to instill in our children a knowledge of God, a strong work ethic, and the importance of helping others. We think it's important for them to be around family, go to church, be involved in the community, and help those in need.
  5. We know that each child has their own unique personality, talents, and interests. We will support our children by allowing them opportunity to pursue their dreams!
  6. We love being outdoors! We enjoy spending time with our family whether we are going to the movies, visiting museums, going to baseball games, playing games, going to the beach or just hanging out.
  7. We all enjoy listening to music and appreciate many different genres from country, southern rock (like Zac Brown Band and Kip Moore), bluegrass, pop (like Ben Rector), Christian and of course classics from the 80's and 90's.
  8. We cook most meals at home and enjoy eating together as a family. We do enjoy eating out on occasion. We especially like breakfast foods!
  9. Once Joy goes to bed you can usually find us watching a show or movie (usually on Netflix) and drinking coffee.
  10. We enjoy Marvel movies and Disney movies and can't wait to watch our favorites (like Aladdin and Emperor's New Groove) with our children.

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