Jonathan & Amanda


It’s hard to know how to start a letter to someone we’ve never met, and I’m sure you’re probably wondering just how much you can know about a couple from the snapshots of their life. Through this adoption journey we’ve come to realize that life is full of lots of unknowns, but one thing we know for sure is that God sees you and loves you. You are not alone in this. We fully believe He is writing a beautiful story for your life, and that of the child you carry. Thank you for even considering us to be a part of your story. We want you to know that our child will always know their own story and your significance in it. Please know that whatever you decide, we are praying for you and cheering you on.

We hope this page gives you a glimpse into our life, the big and the small moments, or the “everyday adventures” as we like to call them. Years of infertility have shown us what a gift it is to be parents, and we are humbled you would consider us.

Praying God’s comfort, joy, strength & wisdom for your life.

Jonathan & Amanda

Married since 2011

Reside in Virginia

Jonathan’s Occupation: Professor of Practice

Amanda’s Occupation: Stay-at-home Wife & Mama

About Us:

We’re college sweethearts and each other’s best friends! We met our freshmen year of college through a campus ministry. Amanda was smitten with Jonathan’s outgoing confidence and easy laugh. He thought she was cute and knew within a week he wanted to date her. Jonathan proposed our senior year of college and we were married several months later. We’ve been together over 10 years now!

We discussed wanting to adopt even before we knew we would experience infertility. We can now see how God was already writing the story of our family and preparing our hearts for adoption. We adopted our son, Jack, in 2019 and it has been our greatest joy to be his parents! Now, more than ever, we recognize the beautiful privilege of being parents, and we can’t wait to welcome another child into our home.

Jonathan ensures our home is filled with laughter, neighborhood walks, strong coffee, and the fellowship of friends, while Amanda is responsible for the stacks of good books, an overabundance of cozy blankets (which Jack usually turns into forts!), off-key singing, and homemade treats in the cake stand on the counter. Jack greets every day with a smile and adds endless energy and joy to our days as he constantly discovers new things. We can’t wait for another child to add their own special traits to our family.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. Our greatest desire for our children is that they would come to know the Lord, courageously stand up for what is right, and love others well.
  2. We live in a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home on almost half an acre with a large fenced-in backyard and lots of room to play!
  3. Some of our favorite family traditions are going apple picking every fall, and picking out our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.
  4. We enjoy traveling and dream of living in Europe for a few years when our children are older as we’d love for them to experience other cultures.
  5. Amanda cooks a homemade dinner almost every night and Jonathan is king of the kitchen when it comes to making breakfast every morning--we love family meals around the table.
  6. We have loved building relationships with Jack's birthparents through mediated communication, and are looking forward to doing the same with our next child's birth family as well.
  7. We love being outside as a family--whether it's playing in the backyard, taking a walk through the neighborhood after dinner, or exploring the trails in the nearby National Forest.
  8. We've both worked in education. Jonathan as a college professor, and Amanda as a former preschool teacher and then office administrator for a classical, Christian school.
  9. Jack is always looking for ways to help and is equal parts tender and tough. We have a feeling he'll take his role as protective big brother very seriously.
  10. This will be the second grandchild for both of our families and we know from experience they will be lavished with love.

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