Nathan & Abbey



Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We are so grateful that you are choosing life for your baby and we are extremely honored that you would consider our family. Adoption is a beautiful thing, but we understand that there are overwhelming emotions and uncertainty that come with adoption. Please know that you are in our prayers. Whether or not you choose us, or whether you decide that another option is best for you and your baby, we are praying for you! If you do choose us, we will be forever grateful to you! We will always tell our child of the incredibly brave decision you made for him or her!

Our child’s birth parents will never need to doubt how much we love them and the child they bless us with. Now more than ever we know that the entire adoption process is a special gift from God and brings a family together in a uniquely beautiful way.

Again, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share a small piece of our hearts with you.

Nathan & Abbey

Married since 2010

Reside in Georgia

Nathan’s Occupation: High school Spanish teacher & coach

Abbey’s Occupation: Lower Academy teacher's aid

About Us:

Abbey was born and raised in West Virginia. Nathan was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and then moved to Georgia during middle school. We met in college in Florida when a mutual friend introduced us at a basketball game. After being “just friends” for a semester, we began dating. Nathan proposed right before graduation and we were married a year later.

Abbey has a huge heart and is definitely a people person. She is very easy to talk to and makes everyone smile and laugh. She loves to sing, watch old movies, and bake. Nathan is hard-working, loyal, and passionate about life. He has a true servant’s heart and leads our family with compassion and integrity. He loves his family, Spain, and sports, especially soccer, and recently, golf.

After being married for several years, we began thinking of starting a family. We both had an incredibly strong desire to be parents, and we struggled with understanding why it was not happening. After talking with some adoptive parent friends of ours, we began praying about adoption for our family. Little did we know at the time, but adoption was God’s beautiful plan for our family all along. We adopted our son, Cash, in 2018 through Family Life Services and it has been the biggest blessing we could ever imagine. It has been so amazing to watch the beautiful story God has written for us, for him and for his birth mother! Now, Cash is excitedly looking forward to becoming a big brother! We cannot wait to see how God grows our little family through adoption once again.

About Nathan from Abbey:

From a wife’s perspective, Nathan is a genuine, caring dad. He comes from a supportive and loving family. He is very close to his parents, and has a desire to pass along all the love they have given him to his own children. He is an example of strength, confidence, integrity and respect. He loves me, and provides for our family. He looks forward to making memories with his children, like carrying them on his shoulders after his soccer games, going on vacations, or falling asleep while watching their favorite movie.

About Abbey from Nathan:

From a husband’s perspective, Abbey is the picture of unselfishness. She has a strong desire to create family traditions and memories like she had growing up. She has a wonderful relationship with her parents and wants to develop the same closeness with our children. She wants to create a happy, inviting, and loving home for the children God blesses our family with. She is always ready to wipe a snotty nose, read a bedtime story, or cheer on her children at an activity they are involved in.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We love to go to the beach as a family. We go to St. Augustine and Pensacola every summer and enjoy making memories together.
  2. Nathan is completely fluent in Spanish, and teaches it at school.
  3. We have a great relationship with Cash's birth mom. We keep in touch with her often and exchange family photos.
  4. During Covid, Abbey started a custom decorated cookie business from home.
  5. We have a great community of adoptive families around us. We encourage and support each other and love that our children are growing up together.
  6. We both love to sing loud in the car with the radio, and Nathan always tries to hit the high notes.
  7. Nathan's favorite food is Chinese and Abbey loves Sushi. We also love to go out for breakfast on Saturday mornings.
  8. Cash is a fun loving ball of energy. He loves all things dinosaurs, monster trucks and race cars. He is very excited about becoming a big brother!
  9. We are very involved in our church. Abbey sings in the choir and praise team and volunteers in the nursery and Nathan serves on the security team.
  10. We love to have family movie nights with lots of popcorn and forts made out of blankets and couch cushions.

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