Jeff & Jill

Thank you viewing our profile. We are honored that you have taken the time to learn more about us. We realize that this is a challenging time for you as you are faced with many decisions. We also understand how life can turn out differently than planned, but we believe that God has a plan for you and for us. We believe that God will be with you and will guide you each step of the way through this process of adoption. We thank you for choosing to make a plan of adoption. We think that this is a brave decision and we have so much respect for you.

From the beginning of our relationship, we knew that we wanted to have children. We became parents in December 2007 when our son Grant was born. We were overjoyed to become parents. After Grant turned two years old, we decided to have a second child. It was our desire to have more children and we wanted Grant to be able to have a sibling. After many years of no success, we decided that adoption was the way to grow our family. It seems as though God placed a desire to adopt in our hearts a long time ago. Our entire extended family desire to have another family member. We truly believe that God has a child for our family that will make our family complete.

We are grateful that you would consider giving us the privilege of raising your child. Please know that he or she would be greatly loved by us and by big brother Grant. He really wants to be a big brother. Our extended family are overjoyed at the idea of adding another member to our family. This child will be loved by them as well. Your child will also be aware of the love that you have for them.

We want you to know that we are praying for you during this process. We pray that you will be filled with peace as God guides you through this process.


Jeff and Jill

Married since 2006

Reside in Virginia

Jeff’s Occupation:  20 year Veteran of US Navy and now Fuel Distribution System Operator

Jill’s Occupation:  Part-time Counselor

About Us:  Jeff is a kind-hearted and great guy. He is a hard worker, and loves spending time with family. Jill is easy-going, friendly, and has a great sense of humor.  We enjoy traveling, and spending time together as a family. We had the opportunity to live in Italy for three years while Jeff was in the Navy. We had the opportunity to travel to many countries and hope to travel more in the future.  We have always desired to have children and believe that adoption is such a wonderful way to add to our family. We desire to have another child and believe that God has a child for us.

10 Random Facts About Jeff & Jill:

  1. Our favorite food is Italian food.
  2. We all love music. Jill took piano lessons for many years and loves to sing.
  3. Jeff and Grant love Legos and have spent many hours building Lego projects.
  4. We lived in Sicily, Italy for three years.
  5. Jeff works full-time and Jill works part-time so that she can volunteer at Grant’s school.
  6. We are willing to discuss naming the child with the birth parents.
  7. We would like to start with mediated communication with the birth parents. We would be willing to move towards more open communication in the future.
  8. We love spending time together as a family going to movies, bowling, or going on road trips.
  9. We have a sweet black German Shepherd named Lady. She is the sweetest dog we have ever owned!
  10. Grant is really excited about becoming a big brother.
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