Robert & Christy

We cannot imagine the immense emotions you must be experiencing. All we can say is we too are going through a door that represents change; however, this change holds the potential to be a joyous experience and an opportunity to build an extended family outside of our own.

For reasons unknown, God has not allowed us to conceive. You on the other side may be wondering why God allowed you to conceive, thus having to make a difficult decision. However, here we are together, each able to help the other and ultimately provide a child with all the love and care they could ever hope for. It’s amazing to see how God can take a difficult situation and turn it into something good! Though this fact is encouraging, we still know that difficult decisions are ahead.

We adopted Noah in 2012 through Family Life Services. Kai was adopted as an embryo and Christy had the privilege of growing him through a pregnancy. They have proven to be the greatest blessing we’ve ever received as a couple. Though there are challenging days and moments when you can’t imagine yourself any more exhausted, just hearing them giggle or crack a smile makes it all worth it!

We have been praying that the Lord would place another child in our arms. We hope you will also pray that He will show you the family He would have your child join. As much as we want to dedicate our lives to raising another child, we above all else, want you to be at peace with your decision. We commend your bravery as you consider your child’s future! And we wait with great anticipation to see what wonders lie behind this door for us both.

Robert, Christy, Noah and Kai

Married since 2001

Reside in Virginia

Robert’s Occupation:  Web Designer

Christy’s Occupation:  Homeschooling Stay-at-Home Mother/Photographer

About Us: We met at Christy’s church during a college event and spent the next seven years becoming best friends, growing closer and getting married. We do everything as a family whether it’s yard work, hiking, gardening or just hanging out. We love being silly with our boys and just having laughter in our house makes us smile! And we smile A LOT!

About Christy from Robert: Christy has always loved children for as far back as I can remember and in return they always loved her right back. To say she is a natural would be simply stating the obvious.

Before we had Noah and Kai, Christy was either teaching a children’s class at our church or working as a preschool teacher. This experience only deepened her love for children and helped her gain an understanding of how best to observe their behavior and bring them up in a manner where they thrive. This experience has helped us tremendously with both boys and as a result, they are becoming fine young boys who love and respect their mother deeply.

About Robert from Christy: Running feet from all over the house is the first thing I hear when Robert opens the door after working! Noah and Kai are so excited to see him! Once we are at home, the wrestling ensues and butt bounces on Robert! Needless to say, he is such a great dad! He LOVES playing with Noah and Kai and just going crazy; however, he makes sure they both understand what is acceptable in a loving way. Robert tries to find things they both enjoy and involves himself in their activities. Noah and Kai do the same with Robert and it is just adorable watching them together! I could not be more grateful for not only an amazing husband but an amazing dad!

About Noah: Noah loves people and loves to just be silly. He loves cooking and gardening with Christy and absolutely goes crazy when he wrestles and plays with Robert!

About Kai: We’re convinced the character of Curious George was modeled after a kid just like Kai! He enjoys figuring out how things work and is independent, yet he is also quite the cuddle bug-always happy to take a dive into mom or dad’s arms and simply squeeze.

10 Random Facts About Robert & Christy: 

  1. We’ve been together 26 years, married 19 years!
  2. Both of our boys are adopted.
  3. Noah and Kai pray for another sibling.
  4. We have a great relationship with Noah’s birth mom and
    we love her as much as we love him! She’s family!
  5. Our best date ever was seeing the Phantom of the Opera.
  6. We love spending time with family and friends.
  7. Family fun includes baking, hiking, gardening, photography and just about anything outside.
  8. We have lived in Virginia nearly our entire lives.
  9. We are willing to discuss names with you!
  10. We pray for you every night and that God would show you His will.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our prospective adoptive families, email us at – Please note that all families may not be available for consideration at a given time, for various reasons.