Nick & Laurel

Thank-you for taking the time to look at our profile. While we can’t understand the situation you are in or the decision you will have to make, we admire and respect your courage during this difficult time. Hopefully, this profile will give you a glimpse into our lives in the upstate of South Carolina where Nick works in transportation and serves as a reservist in the military and Laurel works from home as a professor and department chair. Family and faith are very important to us, and we hope to demonstrate that throughout this profile. May God bless you now and always.

Nick Laurel 1

Married since 2003

Reside in South Carolina

Nick’s Occupation:  Nick is a Naval Officer and works in transportation

Laurel’s Occupation:  Laurel is a professor and department chair

Why We Want To Adopt:  Nick and Laurel are a Christ-centered, family oriented, fun loving couple who desire to add children to their family. They live a mile from Laurel’s parents, and play an active role in the lives of their young nephews. Nick and Laurel are strong advocates for adoption, and are looking forward to becoming parents through adoption.

Nick Laurel 2

10 Random Facts About Nick & Laurel:

  1. We love amusement parks.
  2. Our favorite family traditions center around holidays….they are all special but Christmas is our favorite.
  3. Laurel’s favorite color is yellow and Nick’s favorite color is orange.
  4. We love trying new restaurants. Laurel’s favorite food is Thai and Nick’s favorite food is Italian.
  5. Laurel is from South Carolina and Nick is from Minnesota.
  6. Nick has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Laurel has a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision.
  7. We lived in Florida for the first two years of our marriage while Nick was active duty in the military.
  8. Laurel loves taking photos and writing.
  9. Nick enjoys playing golf and watching sports.
  10. Laurel grew up taking dance lessons while Nick played soccer.

Nick Laurel 3

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