Josh & Meredith

Thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child. Our names are Josh and Meredith. We cannot imagine the feelings you have had in this adoption decision. We admire your courage, and hope this letter and this book give you an accurate image of who we are and the kind of parents we will be to your child. 

We were both raised in supportive homes and have always had a lot of family and friends to help guide, encourage, and care for us. Josh is 29, born and raised in Tennessee. Meredith is 29, and grew up in various states throughout the U.S., including Kentucky and Ohio. We were married in 2009, and have had a wonderful first seven years of marriage, full of adventure and joy.

Adoption has always been on our hearts. Our Christian faith has placed a deep desire in us to adopt a child, but at first we did not know the timeline. After years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, we began to feel more and more that we were called to explore adoption now. Even though our infertility has been one of the toughest things that we have been through, we are now more excited than ever to pursue adoption and grow our family!

We want you to know we will love and support this child, and that this child will know that you love them as well. We want them to learn about you and about your courage. Please know that you will forever be loved and prayed for by us. We hope to meet you soon.


Married since 2009

Reside in Virginia

Josh’s Occupation:  Vice President at a local school

Meredith’s Occupation:  Labor and Delivery Nurse

Why We Want To Adopt:  We’re humbled you’re here considering being a part of this adoption story with us. The story of our family hasn’t gone like we had planned. Infertility certainly threw us for a loop. But all of the disappointment from that has helped confirm in us a calling and desire toward adoption that we are committed to regardless of whether we are blessed to have a biological child in the future. Put simply, we believe there’s a child out there we’re called to adopt. We’ve dreamed about that child. We’ve prayed for that child. And we can’t wait to meet him or her.


10 Random Facts About Josh & Meredith:

  1. Josh’s favorite thing about Meredith: her down-to-earth and genuine personality.
  2. Meredith’s favorite thing about Josh: his sense of humor (he can make me laugh harder than anyone I know)!
  3. Josh’s favorite kid’s movie is “Toy Story,” and Meredith’s is “Beauty and the Beast.”
  4. Both Josh and Meredith love to play tennis, and Meredith loves to run.
  5. Josh is a huge sports fan, and can remember the most random sports trivia. His favorite sports are football and baseball.
  6. For their first date, Meredith cut Josh’s hair while dressed up like a ninja (she was so nervous that it took 3 hours)!
  7. Josh’s favorite food is spaghetti, and Meredith’s favorite food is tacos!
  8. Our home was built in 1908, and has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms (plus a really cool attic!)
  9. Our favorite family tradition is on Christmas Eve. Josh’s mom always buys everyone (kids included) a matching set of pajamas. Everyone wears them to bed, and then wakes up on Christmas morning to open presents wearing the matching pajamas!
  10. Our favorite family vacation spot is the beach. We try to go as a family at least once a year!


If you are interested in learning more about any of our prospective adoptive families, email us at – Please note that all families may not be available for consideration at a given time, for various reasons.