John & Sarah


We are John and Sarah and we thank you for taking time to learn more about us. We hope this profile shows you a little about our personalities and how full of love our hearts are.

The first important thing that you may want to know about us is that we love the Lord and each other unconditionally. Our goal in life is to love and serve the Lord and to see one another in heaven.

The second important thing that you may want to know about us is that we love children. Yes, like many Christian couples, loving and raising a child to love the Lord is something John and I have always dreamed of. We feel the Lord has led us to adoption and we are thrilled at the thought of it! Can you tell we are excited!?! We want to honor always what a precious gift a child is and how the Lord has blessed them with a birth family.

The third important thing that you may want to know about us is that we will be praying. Praying that we are open and honest with you, praying that this precious little baby grows up strong, praying that you and your family are healthy and well, and that above all praying that God continues to give you strength and wisdom.

We hope you get to know a little more about us and the love we have to share. May God bless you!

John & Sarah

Married since 2013

Reside in Virginia

John’s Occupation:   Assistant Manager in Food Services

Sarah’s Occupation:  Stay-at-Home Wife

About Us:  Our sappy love story starts over 15 years ago when we met at the ripe old age of 15 in Sarah’s hometown. It was love at first sight…. well, for Sarah anyways. Sarah saw John and instantly fell in love with such a good-looking guy. 10 years after meeting we were married. We are truly best friends and have found the perfect mate to encourage each other to serve the Lord and see one another in heaven. We feel like the Lord has led us to adopt as Christ has adopted us into His family.  We could not be more excited and grateful for the opportunity to adopt!

How Sarah Describes John:  John’s personality is that of a joyful, patient, funny, and easy-going man.  He loves to sing and make me laugh. He is kind and one of the wisest men I know.  Not only does he know so many Biblical truths, but he has a heart for God’s Word as well.  He is protective and ready to forgive me always. John protects, leads, and encourages me in all things.  I truly know he wants what is best for me and that he loves the Lord.

How John Describes Sarah:  Sarah has a kind, loving, compassionate, and hard-working personality.  She loves to be silly and loves to laugh and sing off key. Sarah enjoys helping those around her especially family. She is exceptionally trustworthy and when she says she will do something; you can be sure that it will be done. She is my helper and I could not ask for a better one. She knows me and despite my flaws loves me anyway. In our Christian walk she encourages, loves and runs the race with me, helping me.

Ten Facts About John & Sarah:

  1. We have known each other for over fifteen years and have been married for six of those precious years.
  2. We have thirty nieces and nephews and love every one of them! We have tons of experience babysitting from newborn to thirteen-year-olds. We both work in the church nursery and Sarah works with children in an outreach ministry.
  3. Our favorite family tradition is our annual crab boil every July.
  4. We wish to have open, sharing, truthful, and consistent communication with birth parents.
  5. John is known as the baby whisperer with his ability to sooth any baby to sleep.
  6. Sarah likes to bake, crochet, sew, quilt, and cross stitch.
  7. John is an amazing singer and will occasionally sing with his sister in church.
  8. We set time aside each morning to read scripture, a devotional, pray, and sing a hymn or two.
  9. We love to cuddle as much as humanly possible.
  10. We hope to show Christ’s love to all those around us.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our prospective adoptive families, email us at – Please note that all families may not be available for consideration at a given time, for various reasons. 

If you are pregnant and have questions about the adoption option, text 434-509-3686 or call 1-855-677-8620