Adrian & Clarissa

We want you to know that you are courageous, because what you are doing is the epitome of selflessness – entrusting to us this beautiful life that God created to raise and empower to reach his/her highest potential.  This beautiful person who is growing will know of your selfless love for him or her and understand why we see you as the courageous person you are.  As you read our story and view our lives in the pictures you will see, we hope a few things resonate with you.  One, is our love for God and His only begotten son, Jesus; Two, is the love that we share for one another; Three, the love we have for the child being entrusted to us; and Four, our love for you for entrusting us with this sacred responsibility.  Please enjoy, and no matter how you decide, God bless you!

Adrian & Clarissa

Married since 2007

Reside in Virginia

Adrian’s Occupation:  Branch Chief

Clarissa’s Occupation:  Chief of Staff

About Us: A random meeting at a mutual friend’s apartment for a rare Saturday evening “movie night” early in our law school careers led to our chance meeting.  The following day (Sunday) we happened to be sitting one row apart and re-introduced ourselves; our budding and lasting relationship is now 16 years and counting.  We both love God, enjoy a good laugh (lots of laughs actually), appreciate education, love/respect and value each other.  We feel that our relationship remains intact and grows because we pray together, read our daily devotion together and communicate openly and honestly with one another.  Another thing that helps is our commitment to each other early in our dating/courting relationship and during our months of pre-marital counseling to be each other’s best friend and to jointly guide our marriage to be successful.

When faced with the reality of infertility after two operations and unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy with and without the aid of fertility treatments, we prayed a lot, shed tears and leaned into our God, each other, our family and friends – some of whom share a similar journey.

Adrian through Clarissa’s eyes: Adrian is a lawyer and Branch Chief. He is studious and enjoys learning. On the lighter side, Adrian’s favorite foods are pizza and fried fish; his favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. He is a thinker and loves history. Adrian is one who mostly likes routine and is sometimes less talkative. His strengths include being a focused listener and a man of principle.

Clarissa through Adrian’s eyes: Clarissa’s also a lawyer and is honest, trustworthy, loyal, compassionate and caring. She’s a great cook who loves creating Caribbean and American dishes -usually with a dash of spice – much like her personality. Claire, as I call her, has many strengths; being loving, genuine, kind, spontaneous and creative are just some of them. She also seemingly never meets a stranger.

10 Random Facts About Adrian & Clarissa: 

  1. Our most memorable date was when we went to the gym to exercise together instead of going to dinner.
  2. We love God and each other.
  3. We pray together every morning and every night.
  4. We enjoy mentoring young adults and empowering people that we meet, and Clarissa helped raise a niece from 3 weeks of age until 5 years of age.
  5. Our favorite family tradition is celebrating Christmas with extended family.
  6. We met in law school.
  7. Our favorite vacation so far has been to the Western Caribbean.
  8. Adrian is an only child; Clarissa has 5 siblings; 4 older and 1 younger.
  9. Collectively, we have visited 27 states within the United States and lived in 3 states as a married couple.
  10. Clarissa loves to cook; Adrian enjoys manicuring the yard.

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