Adam & Ellen Marie

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. We are praying for you and each person who looks through our book. We pray that God will give you comfort, wisdom, and strength as you travel this road of adoption. It’s not an easy road to travel but know this, you are not alone. The Creator of this world loves you very much, and His comfort and peace is promised by His Word to surround you on your life journey. Whether you choose adoption or parenting, He will be there to guide you each step of the way. When you begin to worry or be unsure, turn to Him and let him carry your burdens. (1 Peter 5:6-7) 

We have been married for eight years now. Ever since I, Ellen Marie, was a little girl I have always wanted to be a mother, but when I was a teenager I found out that having a baby was not going to be possible. My heart was broken. I cried out to the Lord. He answered with compassion. Since then God has shown me that adopting a child is a precious reflection of His adopting us into His family through Jesus Christ. He has given me a husband who shares these thoughts and emotions also.  All things are possible with God!

We are excited about this adoption process!  We understand that there will be bumps, laughter, rough patches, joy, and tears for you and for us, but we know it’s worth it all in the end. We pray for comfort and peace for you and your child as you make this selfless decision.  Remember, you are not alone.


Adam & Ellen Marie

Married since 2008

Reside in Tennessee

Adam’s Occupation:  Adam is a mechanical engineer

Ellen Marie’s Occupation:  Ellen Marie teaches 5th and 6th grade

About Us:  Adam works hard at whatever he does from being a mechanical engineer to serving in different ministries at church to spending quality time with his family. He is also easy-going and a fun-loving guy.  Ellen Marie teaches 5th and 6th grade and is a childcare provider, too. She is sweet and gentle and enjoys being at home. We love being with each other and spending time together. We enjoy traveling to new places and trying local restaurants while we are there.

Since the beginning of our relationship, there was a desire to have children one day, and we both had a heart for adoption. We believe adoption is a very special way to bring a child into our family.

10 Facts About Adam & Ellen Marie:

  1. We love being together.
  2. Family is very important to us.
  3. We love playing with our nieces and nephew.
  4. We love our church.
  5. We enjoy having friends and family over.
  6. We enjoy taking day trips and exploring nearby places.
  7. Anytime we go somewhere new we are on the lookout for someplace new and interesting to eat.
  8. We enjoy taking walks through our neighborhood after dinner.
  9. We live in Tennessee.
  10. Ellen Marie can’t wait to stay at home whenever we are blessed with a baby!

If you are interested in learning more about any of our prospective adoptive families, email us at – Please note that all families may not be available for consideration at a given time, for various reasons. 

If you are pregnant and have questions about the adoption option, text 434-509-3686 or call 1-855-677-8620