Nick & Brandy


We are Nick and Brandy, and we are so grateful that you are taking a moment to begin the journey of getting to know our family.

We are originally from Kentucky and Virginia and we both grew up always hoping to be married and have children one day. Brandy remembers exactly where we were sitting at a ball-field in Kentucky talking before we were even engaged about our similar hearts and plans for adoption one day. Early in our marriage, due to some medical difficulties, Brandy was told she was highly unlikely to conceive and carry a biological child safely. To our surprise, Brandy did become pregnant once, and through a complicated and medically traumatic journey, our precious son Adam was born. After Adam’s birth, the physicians recommended that for the safety of Brandy and any future children, that we not attempt additional biological births. We both had always wanted to adopt, and this news only further solidified what we believe is a sacred purpose and opportunity in our family’s life–to welcome, love, and raise additional children in our family through adoption. Adam actually prays nightly for his future sibling(s)–he even prays for twins at times.

During our dating and into the early years of our marriage, Brandy helped professionally care for three little girls whose mother passed away–our love and relationship with them has lasted for years since—they stole our hearts and remain an important part of our family to this day. This experience of loving ‘the girls’ really shaped our view on what it means to love and parent Adam and our future children. They are now three strong, beautifully-hearted young women and they have chosen to remain an active and important part of our family to this day. We want you to know that our family is open to having a life-journey with the individual and/or family who allows us the privilege of adopting their child into our family. We also understand that open-adoption may not be the path you choose and we will respect that decision as well.

We can only imagine what your own stories, likes, interests, and feelings are— the one thing we do know, is that you are already in our family’s thoughts and prayers nightly.

We hope one day you will invite us to meet you in person so we can answer any questions, as well as get to know your own stories, heart in the world, and perhaps even team up with you in this sacred season of your life through adoption.

With love and many prayers,

Nick and Brandy

Married since 2007

Reside in Virginia

Nick’s Occupation: Software Engineer

Brandy’s Occupation: Licensed Professional Counselor

About Us:

We met in 2004 while playing in the same band in college. We love to go on vacations together, especially the beach and the mountains. We live in a cozy house in the woods with our Golden Retriever, Lily and our 11-year-old son, Adam. Adam and Nick love to play basketball in the driveway. Brandy has never met a stranger and loves to entertain at the house. Nick loves to work in the yard and fix things around the house. All three of us are praying and longing to grow our family in number and love through adoption soon.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We. Love. Pizza.
  2. Nick works from home, with Lily under his desk.
  3. Brandy works part-time as a counselor and plans to become even more part-time once we have more children.
  4. Our first date was Papa John's pizza under the stars at Kentucky Lake.
  5. Since Nick works from home and Brandy only works part-time, we likely will not utilize outside childcare.
  6. We would love to have an open adoption and have the opportunity to build a relationship with our child's birth family. We would be open to discussing a name for the child.
  7. We once won a neighborhood outdoor Christmas decorating contest.
  8. Adam loves pepperoni.
  9. Nick loves to garden.
  10. Brandy had a horse as a teenager named Traveler.

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