Jimmy & Kristen



Thank you for taking the time to learn about us! We know that right now we are complete strangers, and that can be scary, but we want you to know that we admire the decision you are making. I’m sure there is fear, uncertainty, anger, and heartbreak in having to make the choices you are making, and we are praying that you can find peace in your choice.

We have walked through fear and had moments where we questioned why we couldn’t get pregnant, but there is a joy in knowing that we will get to be parents because of the sacrifice someone else will make. The magnitude of this choice does not fall short in our minds. We have a desire to raise children in our home and surround them with love and laughter! It is our desire to include you in the child’s life and in our life. We understand your feelings may change at times, and we want you to know that is ok! We want you to know that you will be honored in our home and we want your story to be a part of our story as a family, and we want your child to be proud of the choice you made for him/her!

It is our prayer that you experience God’s peace in whatever choice you choose to make, whether that is to parent or place your child for adoption. We have been praying for you since the day we submitted our application to the agency to become adoptive parents and we care for you and love you!


Jimmy and Kristen

Married since 2015

Reside in Georgia

Jimmy’s Occupation: Children’s Pastor

Kristen’s Occupation: Nurse

About Us:

Jimmy and Kristen met in middle school and started dating in high school. We got married in 2015 on New Year’s weekend. Jimmy is the Children’s and youth pastor at our church, and Kristen is a Registered Nurse. We both grew up in Georgia and currently reside in Georgia. We both love big and are always up for making memories. We love to smile, laugh, and have a good time! We strive to find the joy in all circumstances, and count each day as a blessing from God! It is our greatest hope that we shine Jesus’ light in all that we do!

We have always dreamed about getting to be parents one day! We both love working with the kids in our children’s church and love spending time with our nieces and nephew. When we found out that we had fertility problems, we knew that God was not saying ‘no’ to becoming parents, but that instead He was just offering us a different way to become parents! God adopted us as a part of His family as it says in Ephesians 1:5, and we find it to be a beautiful thing that we get to grow our family in the same way!

10 Fun Facts:

  1. Jimmy’s favorite date was when he woke Kristen up very early one Saturday morning with a packed bag and surprised her with a day trip to Savannah GA for a beach day!
  2. Kristen’s favorite date was a day they made homemade sushi at home and played board games late into the night!
  3. One of our favorite things is spending time with family, friends, and our church community!
  4. Kristen loves to decorate, especially in the Fall and at Christmas, and Jimmy has a goal of having the best Christmas lights in the subdivision!
  5. Taco Tuesday with our nieces is one of our favorite traditions!
  6. Our favorite vacation was our trip to Harry Potter World at Universal!
  7. We have been best friends and a couple for a total of 10 years, and married for 6 of those years!
  8. We have 2 full bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, and an upstairs loft in our home, with a one acre fenced in lot.
  9. Our favorite family traditions are during the Christmas season! We put up our tree on the weekend of Thanksgiving and bake Christmas cookies! We wake up on Christmas morning to eat Christmas tree waffles and go look at Christmas lights!
  10. The Office is one of our favorite shows to watch together, because we love to laugh!

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