Corey & Alicia



I know these are strange conditions that we are meeting and it seems very awkward but we are so excited to meet you and your baby that it’s easy to look past the situation. This has to be a hard decision for you to make and you are so strong, courageous, and selfless to choose what is truly best for your precious baby who’s little heart is already beating so strongly.

We would like to tell you a little about our family and hope you choose to share your family with ours. We have three children on earth with us, and one guardian angel in heaven (Maryn). We love being parents so much and cherish every moment with our children. We thank God daily for the blessing he has bestowed upon us. We are so thankful that he has given us the means and will to add another member to our family, and we so look forward to that opportunity.

You may wonder why a family like ours wants to adopt. We always knew God had a unique plan for us. From when we first started dating in high school we were always very interested in adopting a child. Once we struggled to have a second child through multiple miscarriages, struggling to conceive, and the passing of our angel baby Maryn, we knew God was telling us to adopt. We started the adoption process and poof, pregnant with twin girls. Now the girls are older and we know the time is right to adopt a baby and complete our family.

We know how it feels to deliver a baby and leave the hospital without a child, its not easy and we can help you through that, we have been there. Just rest in assurance that they are in good hands and you will forever be a part of their life. This all goes to show that we as individuals are not in control and God is. You are in a difficult situation, God is helping you make the right decision, and we know you will choose the right family to raise your precious baby.

Corey and Alicia

Married since 2013

Reside in Virginia

Corey’s Occupation: Co-Owner of Family Auto-Repair Shop

Alicia’s Occupation: Senior Manager of Business Strategy for Non-Profits

About Us:

We are high school sweethearts who started dating in 2007 and have been married since 2013. We have always desired to have a large family as we both have multiple siblings and wanted our kids to have those same close relationships that only siblings can have. From early on in our marriage we were very interested in adoption and after struggling to have a second child we knew this was God leading us down the road of adoption. Early on in our adoption process we found out we were pregnant with twin girls, which put the whole process on hold. After finding out Alicia could not safely have any more children we are ready to restart the adoption process to complete our beautiful family of six. After losing our daughter Maryn in 2017 from complications after birth our outlook on life has completely changed. We live every moment to the fullest and maximize every day with our kids Tommy, Marlee, and Hattee.

Some of our favorite activities include lake weekends, beach weeks, ski trips, camping trips, college football games, hiking on our property, and going to our kids sporting events and activities. With everything we have been through and seeing how God has blessed our family we know we will get the opportunity to grow our family when the time is right and we so look forward to that day.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We enjoy spending weekends outside on our property playing in the creek or hiking through the mountains.
  2. Alicia loves to cook and we eat almost every dinner at home and we never forget dessert!
  3. We enjoy watching Disney movies with the kids with a large bowl of popcorn at least once a week.
  4. Each Christmas we make homemade cookies with recipes from Alicia's grandmother.
  5. On Sundays, we go to the early church service and come home to make a huge brunch.
  6. All of our children were born premature and spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Tommy was born 11 weeks early and the twins, Marlee and Hattee were born 6 weeks early.
  7. Every year we collect and donate over $7,000 worth of items for families in the local NICU in honor of our daughter, Maryn.
  8. Our first children, were our two dogs. Our now 10 year old mini-schnauzer, Weezie and our 9 year old giant schnauzer, Jenny - 50 lbs apart in size!
  9. We are Virginia Tech Hokie fans! We buy season tickets to football and men's basketball each year.
  10. After the twins go to bed, Corey, Alicia and Tommy like to play video games.

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