Cole & Emily



We are Cole and Emily, and we’re grateful you decided to look at our book. We both knew we wanted to adopt someday before we even met each other. We never questioned *if* we would adopt, only *when* we would adopt. This will be our first time adopting, but it likely will not be our last. We’re excited for the day we have a little one to show the world to, to share holidays with, to help with school projects, and to cheer for. What we really want you to know is that any baby that comes into our family will be loved and given as many opportunities as possible. We would be honored to have you as a part of our family.

Cole and Emily

Married since 2018

Reside in Virginia

Cole’s Occupation: Library Research Assistant

Emily’s Occupation: English Language Teacher

About Us:

We met at college through mutual friends. A few months later, we were playing a game of basketball that was cut short when Cole rolled his ankle. While hobbling across campus that afternoon, he asked Emily out, and that was it. Cole knew we would get married before we even started dating. After dating for a few months, we talked about how we both had always wanted to adopt someday. There isn’t any way to explain it other than we both felt that God had called us to adoption and knew it would be a part of our lives. A couple years after we got married we told our families and friends our plan, and they were so excited for us, although we’re sure the excitement is nothing compared to how excited they will be when they meet the little baby that becomes part of our lives.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We love to travel. So far we have only been able to travel within the U.S. but the list of places we want to see is very long.
  2. We celebrate every Christmas at Emily’s parents’ house by eating cheese and watching movies on Christmas Eve and then waking up the next morning to giant stockings and a lot of chocolate!
  3. Cole is from Michigan, and Emily is from everywhere because her dad was in the military.
  4. We both work in our church’s youth group as small group leaders for the 7th graders.
  5. Emily’s mom loves Goodwill and has already started filling a spare bedroom with hundreds (literally) of children’s books.
  6. Our favorite things to do in our city are get ice cream, drive around the mountains, go for walks, try all the great restaurants, and hang out with friends and family.
  7. The top places we’d like to visit together are Italy, Germany, Scotland, and all the Disney parks!
  8. We go to Michigan at least once a year to see all of Cole’s family, and we try to stop at an amusement park on the way there.
  9. We have a cat named Lucy that we adopted in 2019, and she’s the best and also the weirdest.
  10. Cole’s dream is to see a Lion’s Super Bowl, and Emily’s dream is to see an Aerosmith concert.

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