Clint & Aimee



We are happy our paths have crossed but realize this is not an easy time for you. We really admire you and respect your selflessness and love for your child. We can only imagine how overwhelming and difficult this is for you. Our hope is that you will feel our love for you and our desire to support you as you work towards making the best decision for your child.

We have been married since December 2013 and our three children are so excited about having a baby brother or sister. We have an amazing extended family that is also thrilled about the idea of another cousin and grandchild that will be surrounded by love. We felt called to pursue adoption to provide a loving home and family for a child who otherwise might not have that or may not have been given a chance at life. Our family is not yet complete!

You are facing a very big decision. Please know that we care about you as a person and are here to support you! We would love to establish a relationship with you and have you involved in your child’s life if you’d like that. Not matter your decision, we pray you feel an overwhelming peace!

With Grateful Hearts,

Clint & Aimee

Married since 2013

Reside in Virginia

Clint’s Occupation: Co-Owner of Printing Business

Aimee’s Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom

About Us:

Clint grew up in Virginia and Aimee grew up in Canada, moving to VA for college. We knew each other for many years before we started dating. Nine months after our first official date, we got married on Christmas Eve in Clint’s grandparents’ living room with our family present. It was the perfect wedding for us! We have three biological children but the Lord has shown us that our family is not yet complete and He has called us to adoption. Our kids are excited about growing our family and we know our family has lots of love to give.

Clint runs a business with his brother and Aimee is a registered nurse that has stayed home with the kids since our oldest was born. We are blessed to have our family all living close by and they are excited to see our family expand and have another grandchild/niece or nephew/cousin to love! In addition to our amazing family, we are fortunate to be part of a local church. We are excited to see the plans the Lord has for our family and hopefully have another child join our family through adoption! We desire to provide a loving, stable home for a child and hopefully have their birth mother/parents involved in their life.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We enjoy spending time outside as a family on our land/farm, whether it be in the garden, on the playground, practicing a sport, riding bikes, or just exploring.
  2. Our family loves our animals which currently include our dog, 3 cows and 6 chickens.
  3. In the winter months we love to have a wood fire in the fireplace and enjoy Friday family movie night.
  4. In the summer, we love having friends and family over to swim in the pool and fish in the pond! We grill out and always have popsicles on hand.
  5. We are very involved in our church and are thankful for the relationships we have there. We serve in the children’s ministry, have a great Sunday school class and host a small group.
  6. Christmas is well loved in our house! We always get a real tree and the kids love to help decorate. During advent we read a family devotion each night after dinner, followed by a little treat.
  7. Our family also loves to celebrate birthdays and with such a large extended family, there is always someone to celebrate! For our kids’ birthdays, we enjoy having both sides of the family together for a big party.
  8. “Second Sunday” is a family lunch or dinner with Clint’s family on the second Sunday of every month. This is a standing date and Granny treats us to a delicious homemade meal and all the cousins get to play together!
  9. Our family enjoys trips to the Florida panhandle. We enjoy the beach, bike rides, games/puzzles at the house, and lots of great seafood.
  10. Our children all have family names and we would love for the expectant parents to help pick a middle name!

There is a diverse group of prospective adoptive families waiting to adopt through Family Life Services! This is a sample representation of the couples who hope to build their families through adoption. If you are on a mobile device, click on the three lines above to see the list of waiting families.

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