Bryce & Tiffany


Thank you for taking the time to consider us to provide a caring home for your baby! We appreciate the opportunity to help you become familiar with our family. If you do choose us, we would want you to be totally confident in that decision.

Our decision to pursue adoption started before we even met. Bryce’s youth leaders at church adopted eight children. He was at their house every week for Bible study, so he had a close-up view of the joys and challenges they experienced. Tiffany’s aunt is a birth mom who chose to make an adoption plan for her daughter. While we were engaged, we talked about our future family, and we both knew God wanted us to adopt. In the years since, we have seen friends from college, church, and work joyfully grow their families through adoption. We are so excited that now it’s time for us to begin the adoption journey!

We know you are facing some challenging decisions and we pray daily that you find the love and support you need. Whatever you decide, we are all praying for you, and we admire your courage to make the best decision for your baby. Thank you for considering us as an adoptive family. We would be honored to welcome another child to love into our home.

Love and Prayers,

Bryce, Tiffany, Audrey and Claire

Married since 2014

Reside in California

Bryce’s Occupation: Pilot in the US Navy

Tiffany’s Occupation: Stay-at-home wife and mommy

About Us:

We met in May 2013 when Bryce was stationed in Jacksonville, FL. Bryce visited Tiffany’s church one Sunday, and we hit it off almost immediately. We got married in August 2014, and then the Navy moved us cross-country to Washington state. Since then, we have moved again to Florida and then again to Virginia and now to California. Amid all the changes of military life, God has blessed us to see amazing places and gain many wonderful friends across the country.

Being parents is something we love and something we thank God for every day. Before we married, we knew we wanted to have children, and we knew we wanted to adopt at some point. Our Audrey was born in 2017, and Claire followed in 2019. Then, one Sunday after church in June of 2020, we both felt God was telling us the time is right to grow our family through adoption, and we’re so excited about what He has in store. We love adoption because we have seen the beautiful families it creates. More beautiful than that, we also love adoption because, as Christians, we have been adopted into God’s family through His Son Jesus.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. Bryce loves to build furniture. He has built many things including Claire's crib, our dining room table, a picnic table for the girls, and a bookshelf.
  2. We love hosting game nights! Sitting around the table playing games is one of our favorite ways to get to know people or make new memories with family and friends.
  3. We love celebrating every holiday and birthday we can, but the ones we enjoy most are Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  4. Following adoption, Tiffany will continue to be a stay-at-home mom to care for all the kids. Bryce will also receive a few weeks of paternal adoption leave to bond with the new baby.
  5. One of the first things we do when we move to a new place is find a good church where we can get connected and serve. The next thing we find is a good Mexican restaurant!
  6. We both loved playing basketball as kids, but we were both really bad at it!
  7. One of our first and favorite dates was in St. Augustine, FL. About 5 months after that, we went back to St. Augustine, and Bryce proposed at the top of the lighthouse there.
  8. The best vacation we have taken is a trip to Hawaii. It was all so beautiful and the food was amazing!
  9. . Tiffany loves to cook and find new tasty (healthy is a bonus!) recipes for us to enjoy, but she also loves getting yummy take-out on a busy day.
  10. Our home is filled with singing and music. Bryce plays the piano, guitar, and drums, and we all sing along. There is almost always music playing at home and in the car. Audrey inherited Bryce’s love of making up songs, especially silly ones. Claire’s favorite part of any movie is the music during the credits!

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