Bill & Carrie



We are truly grateful and honored that you would take the time to get to know us as you consider parenting or making an adoption plan.

We recognize that the opportunity for us to welcome a child into our home also comes with much sadness for you. Each day, we pray that the Lord would provide you with wisdom and comfort in the decision you make.

Should you choose us as part of your adoption plan, please know that you will be honored for the brave and loving sacrifice that you have made. This child will know both the events that brought them into our home and the significant amount of love that you have for them in making your adoption plan.

Concerning your choices either to develop an adoption plan or parent, we want you to be completely confident in the decision that you make. Regardless of your final decision, we admire you for taking these steps to determine the best way to care for this child.

Thank you for giving the gift of life.


Bill & Carrie

Married since 2010

Reside in Virginia

Bill’s Occupation: Supervisor at a University

Carrie’s Occupation: Accountant and Human Resource Assistant at a Private School

About Us:

We both had the privilege of growing up in Christian homes. This ultimately led us to being brought up in the same church, so we have known each other for almost our entire lives! Throughout our youth, we had various church-related activities that provided us the opportunity to get to know each other and our families. While we joke about “2 first dates”, we did not begin seriously dating until September 2008 and were married two years later.

We love spending our time together and with our dog, Duke. Activities we love doing together include relaxing at home, watching a good movie, going for an outdoor adventure of camping or hiking, or simply going for a drive or to the store. We also love spending time with our families, eating, laughing and joking together.

Our journey to adoption began a couple years into our marriage when we began to suspect infertility. During this time, we had visited a couple of church/ministry services where the topic of adoption received the primary emphasis. Neither of us had ever been opposed to adoption, but just had not given it much consideration until then. While these services did not lead us to immediately begin pursuing adoption, it did further plant a seed that would bloom into our adoption journey.

We are grateful for how God has worked in our hearts and for this opportunity we now have to pursue adoption. Even more, we are grateful for the way in which God has adopted us into His family through our Savior Jesus Christ, providing for us the ultimate example of what it means to be an adoptive parent.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We have known each other since childhood as we both grew up together in the same church. It wasn’t until we were young adults though that we developed an interest in each other. Plus, we had two first dates! The first was in 2004 and the second was in 2008 … the second “first date” went much better!
  2. We love to camp! Some call it “glamping” because our tent is to so big that we not only have an air mattress, but also an inflatable couch!
  3. We love spending time with each other as well as with our parents, siblings, nieces, nephew and aunt! Some of our memorable moments include sitting on the back porch laughing with our family, having our nephew over for “Superman and Pancake Day” and playing “Pizza Parlor” with our nieces while making homemade pizza.
  4. We love spending time with our church family and serving in various ministries within our church.
  5. Bill enjoys watching documentaries while Carrie enjoys watching Hallmark movies. This usually results in Bill needing to explain additional historical facts to Carrie so she can keep up with the documentary or Carrie having to get after Bill for making jokes at the cheesiest (and most romantic!) part of the movie.
  6. Our most memorable vacation was camping at a state park in Virginia. During that trip, we went hiking and saw a bear, weathered a thunderstorm and took Duke (our dog) canoeing for the first time!
  7. Our favorite foods include American, Mexican and Chinese and most definitely a good dessert!
  8. We enjoy taking day trips to go hiking, visit orchards, shopping in nearby cities and drives to simply see the scenery.
  9. Bill has loved superheroes ever since he was little. As a child he loved dressing up as Batman and Superman. As an adult, he loves watching the old cartoon episodes of these same superheroes.
  10. Carrie enjoys cooking and baking. She likes trying out new recipes and also making fun/creative desserts.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our prospective adoptive families, email us at – Please note that all families may not be available for consideration at a given time, for various reasons.