Andrew & Samantha


Thank you for getting to know our family! We are praying for you and this decision you are considering. Adoption is very close to our hearts and we understand it is a choice that is not taken lightly. You are selfless and brave and we admire you for choosing life and considering adoption. We are praying for you as you walk out this journey.  

Adoption has been a desire of ours since we were young. We believe every child is created in the image of God and has immense value. Every child deserves a loving, nurturing family and home environment. We understand adoption is painful, but it is also very beautiful. Adoption is a picture of how God accepts us into His family as His dearly beloved children.

If you choose to create an adoption plan, we desire to respect you and promise to love and care for your little one with all of our hearts! We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and loving family for your child to grow up and thrive in. We choose to honor you.

We are praying for you and for the little one growing inside of you.

Love, Andrew, Samantha, Ben, Nic & Eva

Married since 2007

Reside in Virginia

Andrew’s Occupation: Pastor

Samantha’s Occupation: Part-time Professor & Stay-at-Home Mom

About Us:

We are a multi-cultural family who loves one another and enjoys having fun! We met in middle school at church shortly after Andrew’s family immigrated from the Ukraine to NY. We became friends in middle school and maintained a strong friendship in high school and throughout college. We started dating in 2006 and were married in 2007. We moved from NY to VA shortly after our wedding in 2007. We have three biological children (Ben born 2012, Nic born 2014 and Eva born 2017). 

We became foster parents in 2019 and cared for a severely abused and neglected infant for almost a year. We were able to watch this little one heal, thrive and develop in our care. It was amazing to see how our children loved this little one with all of their hearts.

We learned so much about attachment and the brain during our foster care season. After that very hard, but miraculous, year ended and the baby was placed with a safe relative, we felt a strong prompting from God to pause foster care and to pursue adoption. We have more love in our hearts and in our home for a child and want to provide a permanent loving family environment for a child.  

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We are open to discussing baby name possibilities together!
  2. We want to let you decide the level of communication and openness you desire to have with us.
  3. We work hard and play hard!
  4. When it’s warm, we love to be outdoors.
  5. We love God and love people. Meeting new people is fun; we enjoy hospitality and often have people over to our home.
  6. We like to try new foods. Samantha loves to bake!
  7. We are a cross-cultural family (Andrew is Ukrainian). We embrace and value diversity.
  8. We cherish experiences; we like to travel! We’ve been able to visit a few countries as a couple and travel with our kids!
  9. We enjoy camping (Samantha prefers glamping), bonfires, crawfish catching, biking, and trail walks.
  10. We enjoy watching new movies and shows.

There is a diverse group of prospective adoptive families waiting to adopt through Family Life Services! This is a sample representation of the couples who hope to build their families through adoption. If you are on a mobile device, click on the three lines above to see the list of waiting families.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our prospective adoptive families, email us at  Please note that all families may not be available for consideration at a given time, for various reasons.