Ricky & Mattie

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to take a peek into our lives. We hope that this abbreviated online version of our profile relays our excitement in adding to our family and that we would provide a loving, supportive family for your child.  To see our full profile book, please chat or call the agency. 

We have been happily married for 12 years and share a wonderful life. We adopted our son “J” three years ago. Our son couldn’t be more loved – your child too will be loved beyond belief. 

We look forward to all that another child will bring.  Ricky is excited to build sandcastles together at the beach and Mattie looks forward to taking tons of pictures while they play outside. We look forward to them getting old enough to begin exploring what things in life that they like – whether it be sports, music, arts, etc. – we’ll nurture those gifts.  Our hopes and dreams are for lots of laughter, love and creating happy times with another little one.  We promise you that we’ll provide a stable home, fun, family, faith, safety, room to grow, a good education, values, healthy parental unit, guidance and all that we have to offer in the years to come.  Most importantly, your child will be loved unconditionally!

Married since 2004

Reside in Virginia

Ricky’s Occupation:  Corrections Officer

Mattie’s Occupation:  Stay at Home Mom / Part-time Administrative Assistant

Why We Want To Adopt:  

Adding “J” to our family through adoption has been such a HUGE blessing. We’re looking to adopt again because:

  • We would love to have another child – we have lots of love to give.
  • We want our children to have someone to share life with – a playmate, a confidant, a friend and a partner in crime.
  • We love experiencing life together as a family. We love to laugh, play, go on trips and simply hang out.
  • We will provide our children with an abundance of opportunities.
  • For these and a bazillion other reasons…we hope we have the chance to talk with you.

10 Random Facts About Ricky and Mattie:

  1. Favorite Colors – Ricky likes orange, Mattie loves all things blue & green and J likes blue
  2. Favorite Foods – Mattie likes Mexican, Ricky is a steak & potatoes kinda guy and J loves everything, but mainly Chick-fil-a!
  3. We spend our evenings playing with our son – either in the living room floor, outside or out having fun.
  4. Growing up, we were both involved in multiple sports, music and encouraged to try various activities.
  5. Education: Ricky has a degree in religion (youth ministries) and has graduated from the Police Academy. Mattie has a degree in communications (graphic design & print media).
  6. We welcome communication with you. We value a relationship between you, your child and us.
  7. If it’s nice weather – you can find us outside.
  8. One of our Christmas traditions is opening gifts in our Christmas pajamas.
  9. J will be a fabulous big brother. He loves life and is full of energy.  He likes to run, swim, play ball, sing, play with cars & trains and simply have fun!
  10. We cannot wait to do so much with a child, like: color, go to parades, bedtime stories & prayers, singing in the car together, going to the zoo, learning to tie their shoes and EVERYTHING else!

If you are interested in learning more about any of our prospective adoptive families, email us at info@familylifeservices.org – Please note that all families may not be available for consideration at a given time, for various reasons. 

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